Aftercare Tips

Aftercare Tips

Hey there kinky friends!

If you're into BDSM, you probably already know that aftercare is an important part of any scene. It's the time where you check in with your partner, make sure everyone is feeling okay, and debrief about the experience.

But let's be real, aftercare can sometimes feel like a chore. Who wants to talk about feelings and boundaries when all you really want to do is curl up in a ball and take a nap?

Well, fear not! I've got some tips to make aftercare fun, personable, and yes, even a little bit silly.

  1. Break out the snacks. After a scene, you're likely to be feeling a bit hungry (or at least in need of some sugar). So why not turn aftercare into a snack fest? Break out the chips, dip, and chocolate (or whatever your favorite treats are) and munch away while you debrief.

  2. Get silly. Aftercare doesn't have to be all serious business. In fact, it can be a great time to let your hair down and have a little fun. Try playing a silly game like "Never Have I Ever" or "Two Truths and a Lie" to lighten the mood.

  3. Make it a spa day. If you're really feeling drained after a scene, why not turn aftercare into a spa day? Break out the LeatherDaddy Body Balm, face masks, and scented candles, and pamper yourselves. You can even take turns giving each other massages with the LeatherDaddy Massage Oil to really relax.

  4. Write it down. If you're not a fan of talking about your feelings, try writing them down instead. You can each grab a journal and jot down your thoughts and reflections on the scene. Or, if you're feeling really creative, try turning your aftercare debrief into a collaborative story or poem.

  5. Go for a walk. Sometimes, getting out of the house can be just what you need to reset after a scene. If the weather is nice, take a walk together and chat about your experience. The fresh air and movement can do wonders for your mood.

No matter how you choose to do it, remember that aftercare is an important part of the BDSM experience. It's a time to check in with your partner, make sure everyone is feeling okay, and debrief about the scene. So don't skip it! With a little creativity and some snacks, aftercare can be a fun and enjoyable part of your BDSM play.

Happy kinkster-ing!

Chris Wright-Garcia

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