In collab with Kink3D, this is the first chastity cream with 18 EROTIC Spices created specifically to keep you feeling comfortable, locked, and turned on while in chastity 😈

  • Our unique formula was created for softness, longevity, and total comfort.

    Made from a harmonious blend of nature's best, our Cage Cream collab with Kink3D is ideal for those constantly on the move. From a brisk walk in the park to those steamy marathon sessions, this cream ensures you remain chafe-free and cozy in your cage!

"I used to be uncomfortable when locked, but the cage cream keeps things moisturized and pinch-free, along with smelling like leather 😍"


  • And our signature LeatherDaddy Scent, a mixture of leather, scotch, vanilla, and 18 other EROTIC spices!

  • Prevent Chafing

    That area is sensitive, and no one likes chafing (even if pain is your kink). Stop the chafing before it even starts.

  • Soothe Skin

    Our blend is designed to help your skin relax, calm down, and keep you focused on the excitement of chastity.

  • Extend Lockups

    Did reading that get you excited? We thought so. That's why our cream is here to make your lockups last longer than ever before. You're welcome.

  • Get Turned On

    Our Signature LeatherDaddy Scent is made up of 18 EROTIC spices that are designed to get the blood flowing...everywhere...anytime.

Ready to Cream Your Cage?

Are you ready for chastity to feel more comfortable and have you asking for longer lockups?

  • Stop the chafing
  • Soothe your skin
  • All plant-based ingredients
  • 18 EROTIC spices
  • A Kink3D collab
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Our Signature LeatherDaddy Scent is made up of 18 EROTIC spices that are designed to get the blood flowing and turn you and anyone around you ON.

  • Leather

    The essence of Leather notes deliver a luxurious and sophisticated allure. Its supple richness intertwines with a hint of rugged charm, crafting an aroma that exudes refinement, dominances, and submission. Just as a well-worn leather jacket adds character, the Leather notes embody timeless elegance.

  • Scotch

    The Scotch notes unfold like a finely aged spirit. Its complex layers showcase a blend of smoky, woody, and slightly peaty nuances. Each combine to create an aroma that is both distinctive and evocative, reminiscent of a dark leather bar.

  • Vanilla

    Vanilla, a key element in this scent, offers a sweet and indulgent facet. Its warm and creamy profile adds a touch of sensuality and comfort, creating an irresistible allure. The Vanilla notes create an inviting and captivating experience, with the subtle sweetness that lingers in the air.