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Artsy Albo Waterproof Pillows

Artsy Albo Waterproof Pillows

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Introducing the "Artsy Albo" Waterproof Pillow, a sinfully plush haven designed to accompany your intimate, indulgent escapades. Whether facing the unpredictability of your load or the occasional p*ppers spill, these pillows prevail, maintaining their alluring freshness, and elegantly warding off stains. Crafted with a tantalizingly soft surface, they offer an extra shield against unwanted liquids and oils, giving you an unspoiled sanctuary for your bator rituals.

Nestled within the inviting exterior is a removable filling composed of a divine Polyester and Polyfill blend, delicately balanced to provide the perfect fusion of firm support and soft indulgence. Cloaked in water and oil-repellent fabric, the pillow stands as an unwavering sentinel against interruptions during your euphoric self-pleasure journeys.

Each "Artsy Albo" pillow is graced with a concealed zipper, maintaining its seductive aesthetics uninterrupted while allowing easy access to adjust the filling to your liking. Available in four tantalizing sizes, each promises the same captivating allure of enhanced pleasure and protection.

But the ultimate seduction of the "Artsy Albo" Waterproof Pillow lies in its design. Embellished with the enticing emblem of Albolene - the preferred lubricant of the bator community - it serves as a visual aphrodisiac, priming you for your next self-love session.

The durable Polyester Broadcloth cover not only promises longevity but also beckons you to give in to the tactile allure of its texture, enhancing your intimate journey. Step into the world of "Artsy Albo," where comfort and desire weave together in a dance of sensual surrender. Let this pillow be your silent confidante as you embark on your next thrilling, self-pleasure voyage.


  16" × 16" 18" × 18" 20" × 20" 26" × 26"
Width, in 16.00 18.00 20.00 26.00
Height, in 16.00 18.00 20.00 26.00
Depth, in 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00




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